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Today’s Afghanistan was known as Khorasan a little over a hundred years ago and as Khorasan they were once an advancing civilization.  Khorasan had established itself as the center of Islamic culture and the home of great literature, art, architecture and science.  But all that has changed.  Now, Afghanistan is a ruined and struggling third-world country.  And it is all because of the Pashtuns' tribalistic culture. 

Afghanistan is a country of minorities: Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Turkmen, etc.  The name of the country is not a fair representation of the rest of these ethnicities.  Afghan is synonymous with Pashtun.  The non-Pashtuns have over 7,000 years of history and connection to the country but the Pashtuns do not.  Most of them are still living a nomadic lifestyle, moving from city to city, country to country.  They do not have any kind of ties to civilization.  Civilization is when you have a permanent settlement in a region, and clearly, the Pashtuns do not have this.  And yet, as a minority themselves, they wish to control and dominate everything.   They impose their language on the non-Pashtuns and expect the country to follow a Pashto national anthem when they themselves won’t be able to understand it.   The official language of the country is Farsi, a language that links many countries and is deeply connected to Afghanistan.  Farsi was the language of great poets like Rumi, and the world knows and enjoys Rumi.    

This site will provide information on just how barbaric and primitive these Pashtuns have been and still are.  The Pashtuns have not offered anything useful or good to Afghanistan. 

The Pashtun Taliban was an example of their barbaric nature.  They kept women from school and work, they killed innocent people, they destroyed the great Buddha statues, all indications that they are against culture and are backwards. 

The Afghan Mellat is out for the interests and advancement of Pashtuns and have total disregard for the rest of the ethnicities.  They are a parasite that have been feeding off of Afghanistan and its people.